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The South African National Committee is committed to ensuring that as many students as possible experience a UWC education regardless of socioeconomic, cultural, racial and religious backgrounds and experience. The South African National Committee achieves this through selecting on potential and merit, and through the provision of scholarships. To continue this work, the South African National Committee relies on donations from individuals, trusts, foundations, companies and governments.

Please consider donating to the scholarship fund of the South African National Committee for us to continue our work of sending future change makers to various UWC schools and colleges. 

How to contribute to the National Committee: 

  • United World Colleges Scholarship Trust of SA
  • Account: 50500017493
  • First National Bank
  • Branch Code: 250-117
  • Carlswald Branch
  • Using your Name and Surname (e.g. ZolaJenness) as a reference.


How to contribute to our current students:

Meet Wendy, she has a fiery love for astrology because it allows us to realise we share the same sky despite our differences, among many other intriguing aspects of the field. She recently started attending UWC Maastricht in The Netherlands.

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 Meet Phila, he is the resident coder of his cohort. He has developed 2 apps owing to is avid love for computer programming. Phila recently started attending UWC Li Po Chun in Hong Kong

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Meet Lucky, he aspires to become a life coach because he is passionate about constant self-improvement. He started recently  attending UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway.

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Meet Fibi, she is an aspiring Actuarial Scientist or Neurologist with an unwavering commitment to community service. She recently started attending UWC Adriatic in Italy.

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