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Eligibility Criteria


  • We welcome applicants from diverse background of all those who live and school in South Africa, whether South African or not, and in particular refugees. Please contact us should you have a query on your particular eligibility. 
  • Usually aged between 16-18 in the year they intend to enrol at a UWC
  • Enrolled in Grade 10, 11 or 12 in the year they apply for UWC
  • Applicant is prepared to leave their current school halfway through Grade 10, 11 or 12 if their application is successful.
  • A strong academic performer, or evidence of academic potential. 
  • Applicant understands that if they are selected to attend a UWC for 2 years, they will not write the South African Matriculation Examination. Instead they will write the International Baccalaureate Examination and will acquire an internationally recognised  diploma after the successful completion of the International Baccalaureate 2 year course.